Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain

Why UT?

The EMBA for GSC is taught by supply chain thought leaders who work one on one with students to deliver ROI to their companies through individualized projects.

Why Supply Chain?

Modern supply chain management is reshaping business. Use it to your advantage or your competitor will.

Why Now?

UT’s customized program can make an immediate impact to your bottom line.

Right for you

11 Month Program

Haslam’s Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain begins in January and ends in December of the same year. Intense? You better believe it. But innovative, dynamic, and exhilarating, too. Learn More

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A Real MBA

You will be studying the major components of business and putting MBA on your resume. But, you will learn it all from a supply chain focus, helping you understand how leveraging your current expertise can propel your business.

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Fewer than 30 Days Out of Office

You don’t have to put your career on hold to take it to the next level. Online learning and four 9-10 residency periods amount to fewer than 30 days away from work. You can even check the residency period dates before enrolling.

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A Global Network

As a student in this program, you gain access to an international community of supply chain executives from 40+ leading companies. Read testimonials from some of our alumni to discover what doors the program opens.

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Right for your Organization

Students Average $6.5 Million ROI

A thesis-like customized project involves designing and executing a strategic initiative that makes real bottom-line impact for your organization. Translation? Real-world savings in real time.

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Global Experience

Two of the residency periods are conducted in international supply chain hubs, giving students first-hand knowledge of the cultural factors that affect business as well as experience with international experts and facilities.

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Contact us to discover what kind of impact the EMBA for GSC can make on your company or career.

Shay Scott

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Managing Director
Global Supply Chain Institute
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Tom Van Dorselaer

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Associate Director
EMBA for Global Supply Chain
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